Kantang di ko alam kung anong connect ng lyrics sa title pero maganda :’) hahaha

For reasons I don’t know, I had to sacrifice him even though I feel like the whole word is crashing over me. I had to let him go even though I know that I can’t live without him.
The Boy Next Door (scribblermia)
Anonymous asked:
Hello, I've got a question. When do you speak "ㄹ" R and when L? I can fluent read and write korean but "ㄹ" is my only problem. Pleas help me! Thank You for all the things you taught us on this site. 감사함니다.


okay so this is pretty awkward because just like in english and other languages theres words that just don’t apply BUT as a general rule:

  • at the start of a word ㄹ is pronounced more like an R e.g: 라디오 (radio) 
  • at the end of a word ㄹ is pronounced more like an L e.g: 정말 (jeongmal) 
  • when there are two ㄹs together it’s also pronounced like an L e.g: 빨리 (bballi) 
  • if the ㄹ comes just before a vowel or a filler & a vowel like this: 하루 (haru) or 돌아와 (dorawa) then it’s pronounced more like an R 
  • and if it comes before a consonant e.g: 말해봐 (malhaebwa) then it’s pronounced more like an L 

that’s all i’ve got :) hope it helps anon & thanks for the question~

harper’s bazaar x swarowski

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Xiuhan hi-fiving during Thunder

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So baby don't cry, cry
My love protects you and won't separate


Sehun intently watching Luhan’s solo

Eats something- doesn’t look away, drinks water- doesn’t look away, people talking to him- doesn’t look away, gets last minute touch ups- doesn’t look away